Welcome to Alive Lifestyle. We are all about health, optimization and independence, but mostly, as the name suggests, a lifestyle. Alive focuses on natural and organic, drawing inspiration from primal ways of living. Our brand aims to inspire people to rely on their instincts and listen to their bodies, merging ancient wisdom and primal techniques with modern technologies. 

 We want to awaken ‘Back to Basics’ or rather, ‘Back to Instincts’. Being healthy is not limited to a good looking physique, but also a balanced life. In our modern world, with rushed and chaotic lives, we need to focus on our health, state of mind and holistic wellness - mind, body and soul. Alive aims to equip people to free themselves from conventional methods of exercising, eating and health as a whole. Yes, we live in an industrialized era, dependent on technology. Therefore we need to remember our roots and allow our body’s wisdom to define its needs. Alive wants to reawaken these forgotten disciplines to enhance our existence as human beings and optimize our essence. It is more than a revolution or a movement. It is a way of life.